The purpose of youth social events is to promote healthy peer socialization between youth residents of East Hollywood. These events consist of music, pizza, board games, and ice breakers! They also serve as forum to assess the needs of East Hollywood residents and introduce new VYC & HCHC programs or events that may be occurring at that time.
This program is designed to strengthen youth leadership skills and abilities by teaching them community organizing skills. Youth will gain knowledge in how to conduct community assessments, which consist of asset mapping and needs assessments of their community. Participating youth will co-lead discussions and collectively design strategies to improve the area of East Hollywood.
Throughout the year, youth can participate in all-day youth college conferences and tours at universities such as USC and UCLA, which include several workshops on college readiness, college life, and financial aid. Workshops are facilitated by university administrators and students.
This workshop is designed for both adult and youth who are interested in learning how to navigate higher education system and start an educational plan. "The College Vision" topics include financial aid, AB540, A-G, University of California road map, differences between public and private universities, and career paths. 


  • Increasing the access to mental health care 
  • Framing adolescents' social issues as a health and wellness treatment approach, not a criminal issue 


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Offered to youth ages 10-17 two times per week, this program is intended to provide homework assistance and tutoring to any youth who are facing challenges in a particular subject. It provides weekly academic support to youth seeking services. Additionally, they are encouraged to bring any questions regarding college preparation. Tutoring is provided by university students who also serve as mentors.
  • Treating violence-related trauma by collaborating with schools, law enforcement, and existing programs to provide a complementary and integrative service delivery system



Our vision is to offer a safe haven where youth can feel free from harm while simultaneously being provided with the tools needed for healthy development. We are specifically designed to service youth between the ages of 10 to 17 who are considered to be the most vulnerable for "at risk" behaviors. With the overall goal of building resiliency and empowerment, VYC youth will have their cognitive, social and emotional needs met by participating in arts, recreational activities (dance, music, and sports), counseling, skill development, psycho-educational groups, field trips, access to tutors, mentors, as well as academic, and career counselors. 


Our mission is to uplift youth from the negative impacts of trauma and violence exposure by establishing a holistic youth center focused in creating generation change, fostering resiliency, and empowering youth to build and sustain thriving communities.

The Visionary Youth Center (VYC) seeks to service vulnerable youths, in the East Hollywood Community, who are at risk for a wide variety of adolescent social issues stemming from exposure to violence-related trauma. With a population of 51,000 residents, East Hollywood is a 1.8 square-mile community in the city of Los Angeles surrounded by Central Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, and Korea town. One of the most culturally diverse communities, it is home to Los Angeles' main Armenian (Little Armenia district), Thai (Thai Town district), and Salvadoran communities. It is also home to many Mexican, Guatemalan, Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, Eastern European and Middle Eastern residents and businesses. Historically, many of East Hollywood's ethnic groups have experienced significant amounts of violence-related trauma in their own native countries.

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The Parent Support Group at the Visionary Youth Center offers a space where parents can gather to share their life experiences, learn more about empathy based connections, non-violent communication skills, and the various stages of development of their youth. The Parent Support group meets on a weekly basis. An Echo parenting certified facilitator meets with parents at the HCHC Mariposa Multipurpose Room.  The purpose of the group is to review the following: Non-violent Echo Parenting strategies; building and strengthening communication skills between parents, their youth, and the family overall; promoting best practices for self-care; providing a safe space for interaction and sharing dialogue among parents from various cultural backgrounds; empowering parents to become advocates for change in their community.


  • Taking a comprehensive approach and deploying center, in-home and school-based services to lessen the burden on the youth and their families 

We believe that violence-related trauma is defined as any relationship, process, or condition by which an individual or a group violates the physical, social, and/or psychological integrity of another person or group. From this perspective, violence inhibits human growth, negates inherent potential, limits productive living, and ultimately causes death.